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Recreational Tree Climbing is fun, non-competitive and safe...much safer than the free climbing we were up to as kids. We encourage new climbers to climb at their own pace and only as high as they are comfortable. We do not pull ourselves up the rope as one might expect. Rather, we alternate standing in binding loops and push another binding knot up the rope. Some strength is required but we rely more on coordination and manipulation of the knots using the double rope technique (DdRT). We use only professional quality climbing gear.

Tree for All teaches the protocols of Tree Climbers International. In the history of the sport, no serious injury has occurred by strictly adhering to these rules and techniques. The sport, initiated in Atlanta, is now of international scope with instructors practicing across the USA and all over the world.

Research indicates nature and outdoor activities have restorative and therapeutic benefits. Recent research in Japan suggested that recreational tree climbers are more relaxed after climbing and further revealed that "the sport results in increased vitality and a reduction in confusion, fatigue and tension." Recreational tree climbing as a beneficial therapy to specific populations continues under study.